Sunday, August 30, 2009

show tix

Hello and Welcome if you are new.
I just spent two hours this week ordering my tickets online: I have bought a Web Pass for 20 shows (171 EUROS), and spent an earlier three hours squinting at the online program to decide what I wanted to buy tickets for (95 pages of performances no less). There is a significant 'Off' Program as well, of street shows and events which are free, so as far as I can tell, I'm going to be pretty busy! When I tell people I am going to France for a couple of weeks to a Festival, they say 'Oh lucky you, what a great holiday', but I honestly think I'm going to be exhausted by the end of it...

I tried to post the Festival link in case you hadn't found it already, but this BlogSpot wouldn't let me Grrrrrr. Just Google Charleville-Mezieres and click on UK Flag in top corner.

If anyone strongly recommends a show, please post a comment- I am going to Duda Paiva, Neville Tranter, Frank Soehnle, Red Moon, and a smorgasbord of unknowns.

I have put up a photo of Ciel and I, just to practise uploading pics before I leave town- today I bought a new suitcase (reduced from $270 to $110!), so I am now vaguely starting to pack- leaving Australia a week today :o)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mission Statement

This Blog is intended to follow my travels to Charleville-Mezieres World Puppetry Festival, which happens every 3 years. I am attending thanks to a Professional Development grant from the Government of South Australia through Arts SA (thankyou very muchly).

The Festival is from Fri Sept 18-Sun Sept 27, and my mission (which I am definitely choosing to accept) is to attend as many shows/lectures/workshops as possible, budget and stamina permitting.

I will post daily if possible (there goes my last remaining vestige of stamina), and I promise to be as succinct and hopefully humorous as possible.

I can also promise to NOT BE very academic or post-post-modern critical. I will just give my humble (or not so humble opinion/experience), and look forward to your challenging Comments.

I would also encourage you to request activities of me: give me a question to ask a Speaker at a lecture; beg me to get your favourite puppeteer's autograph; dare me to steal a momento from someone's show (now we all know that is VERY naughty); send me your T-shirt size for some Festival Merchandise... the list is endless!

I will determindly learn how to upload photos, and will do my best to use as many pics as possible between all the pesky sentences (yawn).

If you know anyone who is going to Charleville, please Post a note so we can get together and upload one of those hideous but hilarious self-arm's-length-portraits with bad double chins and red eyes just for you.

I am SO looking forward to this, cheers :o)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Well here it is: free, simple, easy to use- my new Blog.
May it go out into the world and take small joyous steps, which turn into cheery jumps, which turn into glorious leaps.

Then may it fall over and rub it's head.